CEO Message

Our country is faced with many challenges, difficulties and testing situations in almost all walks of life. Several firms /agencies try to facilitate the nation with the objective of facilitating selection of suitable personnel’s in various public as well as private sector organizations. KPTA has been established with this objective in view and focuses on rendering serious services for better and target oriented selection in all spheres of service sector. It aims at enabling every qualifying individual to test themselves in a competitive environment. Manual labour is gradually replaced with the technological advancements.

KPTA is taking keen steps towards modernization and advanced technology to overcome all obstacles and facilitate all stake holders and reduce time span in picking the best man power with the focus on selecting the right man for the right job. Using advanced technology KPTA aims at providing best testing services at graduate and post-graduate level for admission and scholarships in colleges and universities in public and private sectors. It is the need of the hour to compliment KPTA advisory board, KPTA academia including Academic Consolations, Test Item Contributors, and Vice-Chancellors of KPTA associated Universities, Heads of   Associated Professional Organizations, general public and private sector concerned for support and full pledged cooperation to improve the KPTA aims.

Feeling its obligation to help in facilitating KPTA turning into a highly valued and value-added testing agency regionally and globally as well, we aim to continue to work for improved quality of testing and consultation services and help in successful delivery of business objectives and corporate cultured environment in all possible sectors. We have a firm belief in a culture of commitment and result oriented professionalism. We will work together in steering the nation towards success and bright future.