Educational Tests

Departmental Recruitment Test (DRT)                 

Departmental Recruitment Test DRT is a certification designed to ensure the standard of excellence, which can be used of various departments of private and public sectors. The motive of DRT is to beat the competition and presents as an extraordinary professionals to enhance the career prospects. DRT includes

·                  Administration

·                  Office Management

·                  Finance

·                  Education

·                  Health

·                  Computer & IT

·                  Commerce & Trade

·                  Police Service

·                  Law & Parliamentary Affairs

·                  Agriculture

Police Recruitment Test (PRT)                   

The aim of PRT is to fulfill the needs of Police Department. It includes.       

·               Physical Test

·               Psychological Test

·               Written Test

 Teaching Evaluation Test (TRT)      

It fulfill the needs of educational institutions by conducting a standardized recruitment test for potential and existing faculties engage in teaching to primary, elementary, secondary and higher level classes. TET includes

PST      Primary School Teacher                      

SET      Secondary Education Teacher

CT       Certificate of Teaching

SST      Secondary School Teacher     

AT       Arabic Teacher (Hafiz Quran)

TT        Theology Teacher

SS        Subject Specialist                    

DM      Drawing Master                      

PET      Physical Education Teacher